Yoga & Meditation in Essex


 At Heartfelt Yoga we believe that yoga is about touching hearts not simply touching toes..

At Heartfelt Yoga we offer yoga & meditation classes for all abilities from beginner with courses to get you started through to weekly classes for all ability yoga as well as children's and family yoga courses too.

Our experience working with children means we can also work with local schools to offer yoga as part of PE lessons and as pre school or after school clubs.

We can provide one to one yoga tuition for anyone not confident to attend a class and for chidren this may include those who may struggle with a class environement and may also benefit from having a tailored yoga program for specific needs, for example ADHD, dyslexia, hypermobility, anxiety or anger management issues.

At Heartfelt Yoga classes encourage you to progress at your own pace, yoga is non-competitve and we always emphasise that everyone should work in his or her own way. There is no best in class, but only the best we can feel inside and so with yoga we encourage students to discover their different senses and gain a new perspective on the world around them and see themselves in a positive way.

Please see monthly class schedule for revised timetable and to book your class space.