Children's Yoga

Kids & Teen Yoga

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Yoga is great for children and teenagers alike (and adults too!). Exploring and learning about their bodies, how to breathe fully and learn to be calm no matter the storm, all done in a fun, safe and playful way.

  • Yoga helps with better body awareness.
    Learning how to move more freely and with greater ease and becoming strong and flexible, as well as improving balance.
  • With yoga you learn how to breathe better.
    Breathing deeply and fully we can bring peacefulness to our bodies whilst breath awareness can help us to be more focused.
  • Yoga also teaches us how to quiet the mind.
    When we practice yoga, we learn how to be still. This helps us to listen with attention and make good decisions.

Vikki, founder of Heartfelt Yoga & Meditation, runs these classes from her home yoga studio in Upminster. Vikki specialised in Children’s & Teen Yoga with a level 4 OFQUAL Certificate in Teaching Yoga and has been teaching children’s yoga since 2014.

Monday Term Time Classes*                                             
Children’s Yoga (5-12 years old)                4.00-5.00pm

Holiday Workshops
A fun morning of yoga with yoga games, craft, as well as yoga postures, breathing and relaxation.
TBC                                                             10.00 - 12.00am             

Please get in touch to find out next start date for term time yoga  or visit to book on to the next course /workshop listed.

School Yoga

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Heartfelt Yoga & Meditation run Yoga Workshops throughout Essex and London for schools, charity organisations and festivals. Children will discover some of the benefits of yoga and how it can be fun, a great way to exercise, as well as providing strategies to deal with emotions such as anger and help calm the overactive mind. Teachers will discover that yoga is a great tool to help children be calm and ready to learn.

We aim to provide a fun and educational yoga and meditation workshop, which includes a craft activity to assist the children to understand what meditation is and why we meditate. Yoga will also build children’s confidence and self-esteem, as well as some of the important principles of respecting one another and how we work best as a team with support and kindness.

Vikki, founder and workshop facilitator is specialised in Children’s Yoga Teacher with a level 4 OFQUAL Certificate in Teaching Yoga and has been teaching children yoga since 2014.

We can also facilitate a teacher relaxation and meditation session at the end of the school day to help the staff de-stress too!

To book us or for more information, please get in touch.

Family Yoga

Family Yoga courses are now offered through TAAC (Thurrock Adult Community College) regularly throughout the year. Please get in touch directly on 01375 372476 for more detailed information.