workplace wellbeing

Meditation has been around for thousands of years, and has survived all this time because it works. Our passion for bringing meditation to the workplace stems from time spent in business where we saw people suffer from the negative effects of stress everyday; making them unproductive, difficult to work with, often tired and irritable, taking days off sick and losing their passion and creativity for their job and career. 

Meditation can help us to survive modern day stresses as it allows our mind to settle in stillness, lets us take a break from over thinking everything, learning to recognize how our thoughts shape our emotions and allowing us to take back control of our wellbeing regaining both clarity and peace in our work and personal lives.

For businesses looking to introduce or expand their health and well-being provision to staff or for individuals looking to find some clarity in their busy minds, reduce stress, bringing some calm and focus to the workplace Heartfelt Yoga and Meditation can help. We can offer Meditation & Mindfulness or Yoga in your workplace as either one-off workshops, bespoke courses or even weekly classes